Liberal Party Betrayal – Electoral Reform

The Liberal Party of Canada has betrayed Canadian voters and democracy.  Justin Trudeau made a promise that 2015 would be the last federal election held under first-past-the-post.

Canadians were looking for change in 2015, and opted to vote strategically to oust Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.  Strategic voting was seen as necessary because of the way the Canadian electoral system is designed.  These faults are why Justin Trudeau promised to reform our electoral system; to allow Canadians the freedom of voting for the party that they want to represent them, rather than against one they don’t want.

The strategic vote resulted in a huge win for the Liberal Party of Canada.  This false sense of popularity made them question why they would reform a system that had allowed them to win by such a large margin.  Rather than state that they were reneging on a major campaign promise, the Liberals released a survey designed to generate misleading results.  When it became obvious that Canadians didn’t support Justin Trudeau’s preferred system, ranked ballot, Liberals claimed that Canadians did not want electoral reform.

A vote was held, May 31st, 2017, to accept a Commons’ all-party committee report, which recommended that the government move forward with electoral reform.  Despite all Liberal candidates campaigning on this promise, only two Liberal MP’s voted with the opposition, to accept this report; Nathan Erskine-Smith, and Sean Casey.  Erskine-Smith, Liberal MP for Beaches – East York, posted on Facebook “I’ve written before, and said ever since the beginning of my nomination campaign, I will be an advocate for electoral reform.”  Casey, MP for Charlottetown, wrote “today in the House of Commons, I cast my vote in favour of a motion [in] concurrence with the report of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform.”

To voice your opinion, write to your MP.


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